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this is another reason I'm unsure about the BMW warranty over something like warrantydirect. For 3 more years, 70k total miles, my SA quoted me $4600. WD quoted me 5 more years, 60k total miles for $3800 for their top tier coverage (I've only done 22k in 4 years). If BMW covered exactly the same, I would hesitate and go with their own name, but it doesn't - it doesn't include wear & tear (like they have been for me on the original warranty), and it doesnt' cover the nav if it has previously shown issues (which mine has), among other things. I'm sure there's an official document somewhere, but with the price, coverage period, and limitations, I'm likely staying away from BMW. WD has a great reputation too... and I wouldn't be able to get better anywhere outside.


I think if they list what's NOT covered it would be more beneficial.

For example, I just got my car back for a "fuel level sensor wire at pump connector burnt"... my fuel gauge was behaving erratically. The doc does not specify wires or the fuel level sensors being covered. Ugh.
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