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State in the US (and actually the US in general) does not levy the graduated road tax based on emissions because we're just not that environmentally friendly and everyone would raise their arms in protest.

Many states have a flat annual vehicle registration fee dependent on classes of vehicles. For most of us, it's "passenger vehicle" and "light truck" and while the definition varies, the cost usually isn't substantial. Some states also levy a property tax on vehicles (just like one's real estate), that goes to the county or city government. There is often a motor vehicle tax or sales tax (one-time only) upon purchase of a vehicle or transfer of title to another state. There is a wide variance between jurisdictions.

Purchase $50.000 BMW X5, pay 3% VA Motor Vehicle tax----> money goes to roads.
Annual VA state registration: $47,50 (annual) for light trucks---->admin fee.
Annual Halifax County property tax: 3,6% of depreciated/assessed value----->local govt.
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