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My baby dumped me.... upside-down.

So I was doing a few victory slides after putting down the last piece of trim on the house we bought in Tickfaw, pulling off some perfect 4 wheel drifts in my 5 acre backyard when fate struck and my left rear tire lined up perfectly with a small section of root sticking across the surface of the ground.... where there aren't even any trees nearby... I had already let off and was only going maybe 15mph, but still had some sideways slide to me when I caught the root, and it blew out the tire, making the rim edge dig into the ground, and over she went. It was such a slow speed rollover that if I were able to get any of the power to the ground (I HATE you open differentials!) I would have drove right out of it with ease. (barely had enough momentum to get it over in the first place)

So I had absolutely no injuries, not even a scratch. But I can't say the same for my baby... the front of the hood, A-pillars, windshield, front of the roof, both front doors, left rear door, left front fender and rear quarter etc. all got damaged. The bad thing is after I crawled out I had to reach in there and shut her off, she was still running! Nothing deployed in the airbag department either, such a soft/slow roll. I used my tractor and a strap to flip her back on her wheels, and oddly enough all the doors and hatch still opened/closed, although the window rolled up outside of the door frame on the right front, and the left front couldn't roll up since the door was pinched by the mirror. Then she started right up and drove her back to the driveway. (only 1 flat tire, otherwise drivetrain and suspension fully intact)

So she was towed to a collision center yesterday, and I already got word today that she is totalled.
But at least I came out ahead with the insurance money, so I'm trying to see that as the silver lining... but I miss my beastly baby!

****NSFW pics below**** (you can see right up her skirt)

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RIP 4.6is.....

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