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Naz, tell me about it... I'm still beating myself up about it. Not buying another one yet, and I was likely to fix any issues and try selling her within the next year anyways... but I came out far enough ahead through insurance that I ended up better of financially than if I would have sold her anyways. Since I'm a week or two from living 55 miles from work/driving 110 miles a day the E36 gets literally 40% better fuel mileage than the 4.6is... I already have all the body parts and paint for the car, just gotta make time in the next couple weeks to paint the new parts, put it all together, then paint the rest of the car. Gotta make it look good to put 35-40k miles a year on it!

If y'all want a good laugh I should post a pic of my $500 farm truck I'm having to drive for now... the hillbilly deluxe

And all I wanted to do was celebrate the end of a years worth of weekends rebuilding a house from top to bottom... End of one era, beginning of another I guess.
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X5 pics

RIP 4.6is.....

2003 4.6is

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