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Price I negotiated: Please comment

This is the best deal that I got after haggling with a few dealers:

Base 79,950$ (planning to order after Oct 1, they told me that the price goes up then)
Perforated Merino leather 3460
Active Ventilated Seat 1730
Driver assistance 1730
Cold weather 545
Comfort keyless entry 910
Premium sound 1000
Climate 635
BMW apps 230
Side camera 275
Destination 875
Training 200

Which equals 91540$. The deal he gave me was for 91840 or 300$ over invoice+tax+title
3M kit that covers the front end and the rocker panels on the side 300$ +installation charge

Could u guys please comment on the price and if there is any further room for negotiation.
Planning to do the Performance center delivery..therefore the 3M coating I think I will get done in SC before the drive back to home....

If I buy it my payments with no money down and 2.9% works out to 1850/mnth approx
If I lease: 20K miles/yr for 3 yrs: 1960 down and 1650/mnth payment

My client agent was advising me to lease rather than buy as I will be putting a lot of miles on it: around 90miles/day....

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