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Originally Posted by stlcity View Post
I like the SUV because of the height specially with the winters here.....Fell in love with it after I drove it.

Lemans sorry for the noob Q: what is X5M CRT and X6M CSL?
I got mine because of two child seats in the back and much easier entry and exit with no need to bend down to put kids in the car. If I had no kids or grown kids perhaps I would go with something else like M5. You need to do this based on your needs, there is no perfect car for everyone. X5M is a fun, practical truck for my needs. X6M CSL or X5M CRT are not confirmed but if they do get produced they are the more performance variations of the car that are typically lighter as well. There are spy pics of a new bader looking X6M which is rumored to be lighter and more powerful. CSL and CRT are designations used by BMW in the past for such limited runs. I doubt they will be available for US market anyway.
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