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Currently in the UK for a new X6, as an example coz I recently bought one, we pay.

Purchase price +20% VAT: Approx 12,000
First Registration Fee: 80
First Year Purchase Tax levy on Vehicle Excise Duty: 450
Annual VED: 260. Emissions based, but there's a 'Diesel' Levy. X6 40d is two bands lower than E53 30d as cleaner.
Annual Road safety check: 55. (comes in after 3 years)
Fuel Duty and VAT of approx 80% on EACH litre of fuel (Currently around 1.38/litre) so Direct Fuel Taxation is around 0.90p.
Insurance Tax Levy - on each and every policy.
No asset taxes
If it's a Company Car then the tax can be 000's a year and is based on your current PAYE tax code. It's much worse if you add options to the car.

Owning and running a 'Luxury Car' in the UK is very expensive. And the UK Government has the Fuel Escalator which adds more Tax twice a year. We're not quite the most expensive in Europe, but it's going that way.

One thing that has annoyed more than a few owners is that there was a big push about 20 years ago to get people to buy Diesel engined cars as they were much more efficient compared to petrol and diesel fuel was significantly cheaper. Change of Government and a new 3% Diesel Levy came in on Fuel and Road Tax. Diesl is now more expensive than Petrol, and about the same as Premium 99 RON petrol. That caught thousands of owners out.
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