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what's it worth...

We are strongly considering selling my wife's 04 x3 3.0 6spd and has a transferrable warranty which stays with the x3. it has no more that 72,000 miles(she soley drives it)i believe but have to ask her. it's black over parchment, has the panoramic moonroof but no NAV, running boards and single in dash CD player. NADA says 19,250. I also checked autotrader for reference purposes and it seems anywhere from 16,900 for a well cared for example.

My question is with todays market what would be a reasonable asking price with or without the warranty...she has the option to cancel it outright. Or realisticly what could we expect to get dollar wise. the x3 is up to date on all maintenance and is female driven...i drive my 4.6is. Thanks for any and all input.
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