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Radio problem - radio is on, but no sound or DSP on non navigation model

I have a 2005 X5 4.4. In the middle of a phone conversation while driving and using blue tooth, the blue tooth stopped working. After I completed the call, the radio continued to show "Phone", and the FM/AM/CD would not come on. I tried turning the radio off and on, and each time, the radio continued to show "Phone." After turning the ignition on and off, even with an overnight wait, when the radio would be turned on, it would continue to show "Phone" and the radio could not be accessed. So, today, I disconnected and then reconnected the battery. I was able to then turn the radio on and see the FM and AM channels, but there was no sound. In addition, on a non-navigation unit, when I hit the DSP button, there was no DSP screen that came on.

Note that radio was fine before the call. Also note that about two-three weeks ago, on a very damp evening, the radio went off completely while parking the car on my way to a restaurant. When I came out of the restaurant, and turned the car back on, everything was normal. Also, on accessing the battery today, and in checking the TCU compartment, there was no evidence of water anywhere.

Can anyone help on this? Thanks. Frustrated X5 owner.
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