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Mines got 85K on the dial. So far I've changed all the window regulators, sunroof gasket, Valley Pan gasket, spark plugs, water pump, thermo, all seals and gaskets on the top half of the motor, battery, CV boots, and various bulbs and crap. So far, nothing really major. Only major problem was that valley pan gasket.

Now there is controversy about changing the fluid, but mine has been shifting fine and do not want to risk it, so I will leave it.

And as for fuel. I try to only put in Sunoco Ultra 93. I've noticed if I go lower than 91, my CEL comes on. As soon as I fill with 93, it goes out. It sucks to find +/- 10% ethanol mixed in because it burns like crap IMHO, but its hard not to find blended fuel anymore.
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