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Thanks everyone for all your stories. Looks like mine is the highest mileage with the exception of wally. That's amazing. Are you the first owner?? Hope u hit 400 as planned!

I just did the water pump, belts, thermostat , hoses, cv boots, and battery at 107k. As for yhe trans fluid, I have mixed feelingsas well. My mechanic keeps pushing me to do it however says there is a small risk of trans going bad but claims the risk of not changing is far greater. I'm starting to get more concerned that it might go bad too. @x5v8rules, were there any symptoms prior to flushing the fluid or was it a good transmission?

As for the gas, I know I made a mistake with 87 but as far as mpg, this seems to be burning better than the 91.

Btw, how much did u guys spend on a new trans? I hear it's about 4k.
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