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Headlight Washer

About a month after getting my car back from home up to its new home, the headlight washers seem to have stopped working. All four of them. I can hear the pump go when I activate the headlight washer (they are supposed to activate every 5th time you pull the lever or whenever the lights are on), but no fluid is dispensed. Is this a clogged filter or something like that? I don't seem to be leaking fluid and the pump is definitely running... just no fluid comes out. Disconnected hose?
I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this, would love to get this fixed soon!

Edit: I did run my reservoir almost completely dry to replace the fluid, could it be that the headlight washers need a few squirts a day to build up pressure again? Maybe air got in the system and it needs to build pressure again, as is explained here:

Any help would be great

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