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Originally Posted by Naz24 View Post

my friend has the 9500ix. And we drove down to florida together and did a comparison. the V1 definitely won in that competition, actually won by a long shot..

Thats funny, because we headed to SC on day and my buddy who swears by the V1 brought it, I had my 8500X50 on the left side of the mirror and the v1 on the right side. Same height, clear line of sight. He was bragging how his V1 just had the firmware updated. This was in a 2011 QX56. BIG windsheild, not obstructions.

The 8500 picked up WAY faster then the V1. First time it happened my buddy said the 8500 must be falsing. But as we came over the hill, his V1 went off. But the 8500 picked up way before that. It happened over and over. and coming back through Va. The troopers were standing outside their cars, shooting laser. His V1 NEVER picked it up. the 8500 picked it up everytime. Not like it really will help you once you are hit. But the fact was his never even detected it.
he now owns a 8500 x50 in blue. The V1 went on Ebay
I have not heard great things about the 9500 and 9500i.
That is why I still have both my 8500 units. I send them in once every 2 years or when they start to self calibrate alot. Passport does a full diag, replaces whatever and does a firmware update and they come back better then new. It used to cost only 50-60 bucks and come with new suction cups, but I just sent one in last week and the price is now 79.99 due to them not making the units anymore!

Sorry for the threadjack. Nice X!!!! I wanted the black trim, but now with the high maintinance and seeing your aluminum trim, I wish I had that instead!
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