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Just finished!!
Here it goes..... U will have to open the door somehow. I tried by locking and unlocking with remote and at the same time pulling the outside handle. After 5-6 times the door opened up and I was free and clear to do the cleaning and greasing.
When u take all the screws necessary and the side curtain if u have one, the u will feel that the door panel is been stuck in its place somewhere in the middle top of the door. Just grab the panel and pull out and towards up. There is a clip right in the middle of the door holding it. U cannot access it by hand. Then after u take the door panel out u will see that middle clip in the middle. Right on top of it there is a plastic surround piece. Take it off and apply it to the door panel for easier installation back together. The rest, how to take out the door lick mechanism just follow the other guys instructions in this post. Same apply for the rear doors too.
Good luck!
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