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Originally Posted by Ted M View Post
where one key will not start the car (won't turn over and actually keeps doing it when I let go of key...)
do you mean the X continues to crank but will not start? You may not know that you only have to push the key forward to start position to start, it will continue to crank even if you let go and key rolls back.

anyhow, many on this forum have had this same problem, including myself. I personally believe it is due to the Vehicle anti-theft system that reads a code in the key, being unreliable. I tore my key cylinder apart, scoured the molex plug that carries all the wires away from the column, to no resolve. I had the problem for a while, then it went away. No explanation.

The other symptoms you describe would worry me more. I don't know how long you've had the car, but the X is notorious for all sorts of gremlins.
The trans failsafe is what may be trouble. I just rebuilt my X's transmission, but was having more symptoms than just a dash message.
Maybe you could give some more info.
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