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FWIW- My battery died Christmas day. I'm 450 miles from home and was planning to go back that day. Tried jump starting- even after getting it running it wouldn't go in to gear- error message only. NOTHING was open to get a replacement battery, not BMW roadside (could provide a jump- no battery available until Tuesday), AAA (open but didn't have one to fit), auto parts store, etc. I don't blame them, it's Christmas day.

Finally got a new battery yesterday- installed it, started the car, and got alot of error messages, including some you have (4x4 warning). After running a few seconds and putting it in to gear all the error messages went away- only thing I had to do was reset the clock.

Could your battery have been low or is it weak? Once I got full voltage everything resolved.

By the way, with the battery dead the back hatch (electric switch) wouldn't open to access it, nor would the glove box open to get to the manual. I had to get a jump start to open the hatch to get to the battery (and my jumper cables which are beside the spare tire!!)
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