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Originally Posted by steelheader View Post
just read up on the whiskey rebellion ,i dont know of anybody that would do that today , we r buried in dept ,dont make any thing ,
we have to get doctors from the third world ,we cant even educate our own kids in the usa .
You've got that right. It's sad when a great nation like the US is the way it is. That can't be blamed solely on Republicans or Democrats. EVERYONE has some blame in this state of affairs.

My point is that the Occupiers aren't doing anything about that. All they want is to be unjustly enriched. "Look at me! I'm protesting against big corporations having all the money and not giving me any. Meanwhile, I'm sipping my Starbucks, wearing my Gap clothes, listening to my Apple iPod, wearing my Nikes, and driving my Toyota." They're a joke.
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