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Originally Posted by zimm17 View Post
Posting for my parents here- my mom just took delivery of a '12 X5 35i sport activity. They now need a winter set of wheels/tires. They are not interested in replicas and want OEM wheels.

BMW canada site has these two packages- the second one with staggered wheels and 285's in the rear looks perfect, but I don't see that on the BMW US site. Can they get these? BMW canada winter tire link

What about TPMS on this truck? Does the dealer have to do the wheel swap to reprogram the tire sensors?
You should contact one of the multiple on-line BMW dealers that sells at under MSRP. Not "BMW USA", but bmw of south atlanta,, etc.

They can easily pay 2x more going to a local dealer for the exact same BMW parts.

Or they can buy OE wheels from someone looking to upgrade.

For example: OEM BMW X5 rims Style 212 19" rims with Michelin Run Flat Tires - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

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