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Originally Posted by Gregory891 View Post
As the other fellow wrote, I don't know what year YOUR X5 3.0i would be.
My Euro X5 3.0 d is a 2002 and has the NV125 transfer case (not iDrive). Transmission on mine (diesel) may not the same as the 3.0i gasoline (input torque and rations are rather different)

  • roughly 3 liters/quarts total for Front/rear diffs (Redline 75w-90 Gear Oil, GL-5)
  • about 1.5 to 2 liters/quarts of Manual Trans fluid (Redline ATF or D4 ATL, GL-4)
  • max 1 liter/quart of Redline ATF or D4 ATF for transfer case, GL-4

Other great news - if you have a manual 3.0 i, you can now once again get the UUC Evo 3 short shifter for your car. I just pre-ordered it for my car (same shifter for diesel & gas 3.0). Rob put it back in production - treat yourself !!!


I'm a non X drive 2003 model, so Redline D4 ATF for transfer case for me!

I looked up on RealOEM and it said my trans takes MTF-LT-2, which I've found on ECS Tuning and it shows it is a 70w-80 trans fluid? Does that sound right to anyone?

Great on the diffs and transfer case though with the capacities though! Do I need new sealing washers for the drain/fill plugs or new plugs at all to prevent leaks?

Lastly, great info on the short shifter, where can I find one?
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