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Originally Posted by 04X3 View Post
I got it to work. Email the guys at ECS tuning, they will send you a diagram of an extra step thats not in the manual. It has to do with pulling the dash out, finding the AUX wire behind the radio and plugging that in somewhere behind the dash. Its very clearly marked once you take out the radio.
I just installed it in my wife's X3 yesterday - no issues. I followed the video tutorial on Youtube: "DICE BMW iPod Kit Installation for X3: 1 of 4 Center Console."

Only change was I drilled a hole in the bin for better routing of the iPod cable, otherwise it would certainly pinch the way they routed it and the cover wouldn't close properly. Pic of mine Attached. The hole looks ragged but that's more due to the flash - you really can't see it in normal lighting.
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