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Here's a list of things that went wrong on my 2004 X3 after my warranty went out...

Sunroof broke. One of the plastic sliders broke and the sunroof wouldn't close. Luckily I knew one of the service guys so he hooked me up and got it fixed for no cost to me.

Both rear pass and driver side drive dogs on the electric windows broke so the rear windows wouldn't roll up. The drive dogs are the plastic clips that connect to the wire that pulls the window up and down. Ordered the parts online and fixed it myself.

I got an oil leak on the valve cover on the passenger's side of the engine that leaked on the exhaust manifold. Also ordered the new gasket and sealant and did it myself. And since I had the valve cover off I swapped out the old spark plugs.

See if they'll replace the cabin air filter for you as well. And maybe grease up the rails in the windows since I find mine are squeaking when I roll up the windows.

Have them check the brake pad thickness too. Maybe also see if they'll replace the brake fluid if it was never changed.

Oh yeah, see if they'll flush out/replace the power steering fluid.

And heck... see if they'll change out the coolant and differentials and transfer case oils. I know they say they're "lifetime" but a bmw tech told me that's bunk and they should eventually be changed. Worth a shot.

If I can think of anything else I'll post it up. But hope that gets you started.

Good luck!
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