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Originally Posted by GmoneyLI View Post
Do manual tranny x5's go for a premium? Is there a high demand for them?
I wouldn't say that our cars go for a "premium" because let's be honest, 95% of Americans wouldn't think twice to go for a manual transmission car, let alone a luxury SUV.

For us 5% or so in the rarity who desire a purist driving experience, there is the manual option. Problem is, so few were made and most of them don't change hands too often because of the rarity of the manual trans.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Question of the day: How much "loose play" do you all have in your shifters? Maybe I'm just used to my Volkswagen GLI's short throw and solid shifter bushing equipped car, but I feel as if the free play is very sloppy, and sometimes makes for a notchy shifting experience.

I know some will say to switch the fluid, which should take away the occasional notchiness, and that is going to happen soon! I'm just not sure if anyone ever took apart the linkage, and replaced the bushings or anything like that to regain a bit tighter feel as if the shifter was new again.
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