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Originally Posted by 95M3Gretchen_&_06X5Rolf View Post
GMoney - I had targeted only 2006's (to make it as new as possible), less than 75K miles and well taken care of. If you see one that is fully optioned, that would be appealing as well. The biggest auction problem I see for BMW's these days is that you get no vehicle history and since BMW took a terrible turn for the worse when they started to cover maintenance (they almost entirely eliminated meaningful fluid changes and component maintenance in return for offering 'full maintenance' as a buying tactic) it is tough to know what you've got in front of you. 75K with no brake fluid flushes, only 3 oil changes and no cooling flushes and you'll inherit a big problem, etc.

At least now you have your audience! Tell us when you get one and one of us will probably buy it! And if you can beat what I found last month, I'll buy it!
I will see what I come across and let u guys know. Sometimes I can see them in the auction a week in advance. Otherwise it's a couple of days before.
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