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Car is possessed! What is this sensor?

About 1 year ago my 2008 X3 started to behave very strangely. The left blinker would not turn off, no matter what position the blinker stalk was at. It was not blinking, just on. After a restart of the car, sometimes the problem would clear, but would always come back, and sometimes it would not clear. In addition, the high beams would turn on, again with no input from the stalk.

We took to the Dealer to fix it twice (under warranty). the 1st time, they could not reproduce. We went to pick the car up, and the problem repeated immediately, so I showed the tech the issue and left.
A few days later we were told that there was an issue with the computer leveling system and the car was fixed.
So we picked it up, and the car has been fine since. Fast forward a year. Car is out of warranty and needs new brakes. We took it to a mechanic and he noticed a small black box on the front passenger lower control arm that was unpluged. He brought it to my attention, but I figured it had just come lose so we plugged it back in.
That night, I was startled when the high beams on the car suddenly turned on, and then off. The car was parked with no one in it. The left blinker than went on. This was the same issue as before.
So I disconnected the module and all is back to normal.
Does anyone know what this sensor is? It clearly measures the lower arm angle or height, but what is it for, and do I need it? I have not had it for a year, and was none the wiser. I am just wondering if its worth having fixed since I never noticed it when it was disconnected.
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