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Yes my friend you're totally right, after several attempt by trying
to discover the problem on my own. I was unsuccessful because
of the nature of this problem related with high tech professional diagnostic.
I than decided by taking the car to a shop for further diagnostic.

The shop called me yesterday and told me that they have found the issue
which was the "Them culprit called: LCM" LIGHT CONTROL MODULE
which is controlling most of the signal power, how and when head
light should be turned on, and rear lights as well. Price at stealer:$594.63
This black box modem is located exactly on the right side passenger foot
inside the vehicle. This computer box was burned up and failed due
to my sunroof gasket failure, so everytime it's raining, water managed
to slide down inside my car, specially on the passenger side.

From there, this is where the black box is located and got into contact
with whole much of water there, and created a sort of massive electric
short and caused the "LCM control system to fail.

The mechanic guy told me that he can only find me a used one for $300
+$160 for labor. Thanksfully! I got the car back now and everything is back on track.
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