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The car is built for the autobahn and in my opinion, the suspension/drivetrain performs best when pushed. Of course there's wear-and-tear involved, but these cars are engineered for it.

On certain stretches of highway, I regularly set the cruise control at 140-150km/h (+/-90mph). If the situation calls for it, I don't think twice about 160-170km/h. The only real reason I don't like driving so fast is because the truck guzzles fuel at those speeds and I can't help but think about the COČ emissions. Sad, but true.

I drive a lot on two-lane country roads, and will overtake vehicles at speed. I'll ask for a kickdown (AT) when needed and redline in 2nd and 3rd. I'm impressed the automatic gearbox hasn't quit and still shifts like new after 198.000km (123k miles), although I did do an ATF change back a few years ago.
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