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Engine overheat?

I took the X today for a drive through carwash, then drove home (it had been on for about 15 minutes at this point). As I was parking the car and getting ready to turn it off, The car chimed and I noticed the temp gauge needle was in the red zone all the way to the right and the red temp warning light was on, so I quickly shut off the engine. I waited an hour and drove the X off to its destination, and it performed fine. Temp stayed in the middle the entire time like usual. From what I can see no coolant or anything has leaked at all, and the car sounds and performs fine. Was this just a glitch or should I look further into it, and has this happened to anyone here?

It's been about a week and 800 miles since its Inspection II, and its worked great since then.

If it pertains, the air conditioning was on during the car wash.
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