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Second what Gee3 says. You can check for a leak by opening the door then spraying water at the base of the window. You may see the water coming out from behind the door panel where it meets the metal door. On my X3 it flowed from there onto the plastic at the base of the rear seat then down into the floorboard.

I had the same leak. I had to replace the part that connects the window lift motor to the glass on my right rear door. I carefully pulled off the styrofoam-like vapor barrier while using a heat gun to soften the adhesive. I tried pushing it back in place and reusing the adhesive that came on the SAV but it developed a leak. I removed door panel again, peeled back the vaopr barrier where it was leaking along the bottom (no heat gun this time since seal was already broken) and applied Permatex Black Rubber Sealant I purchased at the local auto parts store. That was a couple months ago. So far its been water tight.

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