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Originally Posted by motordavid View Post
Another round of the politico driven panem et circenses, we have succumbed to these days...

Back at the Health'care' Out of Control Ranch, very little in that health care bill really addresses the underlying basic problems of 'health care', in the US.

I must admit that I have actually read several sections of the bill...not the whole thing, as I doubt anyone has.

Bread and games, is the order of the day, politically and media-wise, imo. Lots of noise, very few significant needs are ever really addressed these days..
Indeed! I try to avoid it but can't help myself when it comes to certain news items. It did shock me that the Prez made such a series of comments with such certainty given that he was a Con Law professor at some point. It is either arrogance or a misunderstanding of the role of the SCOTUS; either one just as bad as the other for him.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that the underlying issue with "health care" is the state of Americans health. Without addressing how unhealthy we are as a society and how little many people care about taking care of themselves, throwing money at the problem or requiring people to have health insurance is like putting lipstick on a pig. (Pun sort of intended.)
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