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Originally Posted by paulgt3 View Post
I am a Porsche guy through and through, I wanted a Cayenne S but couldnt justify the price once I got in the X5M. I already had a X5 4.8is and loved it but the X5M performs better, And is MUCH less than a Cayenne TT. I couldnt get Porsche to move ONE inch on price. I got a LOADED 2011 X5M for a song. Case closed. I like it so much I drive it more than my 2009 911 S PDK!!!
Here in Australia, a Cayenne Turbo is about a $100K more than an X5M (mid to low $100k) in the same vintage (2010) totally out of the question..

Funny thing is about a month back I took a trip down to the Porsche centre enquired about and drove a Diesel Cayenne, lovely car and all...but it would be very hard to say its a cut above an X5, I personally like the way an X5 drives.

IMO if you want the whole Porsche experience, there is the 911.

I decided to wait out till the next generation X5 is unveiled and see if I like it or not...

used X5M's are pretty good buying right now!
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