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MKIV V32 Nav Skips Sources When Mode Pressed?

So I recently bought a 2004 330ci with MKIV nav and have had this issue since I bought it, but I want to see if there is any way to address it.

(Maybe) Prudent Information:

- 16:9 MKIV Navigation
- OE Aux Input
- Intravee II/OE Sirius (I had Sirius and unplugged the box to use Intravee instead)
- V32

So when I click the "Mode" button on the head unit, the unit will often skip a source. For example (when I had Sirius hooked up), if I'm listening to FM and click Mode, it will flash SAT for a second then switch to Aux- when I only pressed the mode button once. It sometimes will continue to do this for multiple cycles through the different sources, and it doesn't seem to discriminate regarding which source it skips. This morning it skipped FM several times until I just clicked "FM" on the head unit. Is this issue common/solvable?

Thanks in advance!
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