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I am still researching the topic and looking at the pros and cons of leasing vs. financing.

Will have to go to the dealer and talk to their financial department.

Looking at the payment difference:

Lease for 36mo at 15,000 mi - $1,704/month

Finance for 60mo at 3.9% - $1,890/month

BMW Select for 36mo - $1,684/month

BMW Select for 60mo - $1,391/month

I'm still not quite sold on the BMW Select idea and will have to talk to the dealer about it.

Looking at the payment difference for the lease vs. finance it's roughly $200 difference a month, so I don't really think it's a valid reason/excuse to lease the car to "save some money". Anybody who can pay $1,700/month can certainly pay $1,900/month, and I don't think it'd be a deciding factor for them.

I'm definitely still undecided on the route to go, as I can't see a clear advantage of one over the other.
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