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Question '04 X5 3.0 Misfire Cyl 3 & 4 - Rough Idle on Startup

Been having a problem with two things -

2004 X5 3.0i / 6-spd man 125k miles

1. Very Rough Idle on Startup - clears after a minute

2. Peake code 19/F0, F1 - misfire cyl 3 & 4

- Checked and found no vacuum leaks
- DISA valve replaced about 2 years ago
- Spark plugs & coil packs replaced (all)
- Also recent threw code for pre-cat O2 sensor so I replaced both
- Valve cover gasket does not seem to be leaking at all

I don't think the two problems are related. The CEL does not light when it idles rough - but occasionally while driving.

I was thinking maybe the Idle Control Valve could be causing the rough idle on startup.

For the misfire codes I am at at loss... was considering bringing it in for a BMW diagnosis

Any help would or comments would be appreciated.... thanks!
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