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Fuel filter? got no help, other than 125K being a nice round number for the stealer to look your Xer over and present you with their Christmas want list so you know where you stand (MHO, not shared by others).

welcome to the M/T club (see manual transmission registry)!
carpe` cevesi

01 topaz e53 3i 5m 120k mi =
$9.7K + $2.4K when seller says "needs nothing" (131K)

Drew Cary: I love driving stewpid in hella thunderstorms.. I roll stop-signs.. get pulled over, the high-school cop says, "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
I say, "Sure.. do you know why I did it?"

2012 Election: Congress has determined that government beatings of all taxpayers must continue until morale has improved

Gone: '67 Galaxie LTD 2D aqua, 72 Pinto, 76 Elite, e12 track.. long road
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