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We'll see......... As noted, a reason I posted this is my dissatisfaction with the typical "safe for furry bunnies and other critters" spray on & wipe off stuff generally found in the purdy up my car aisle. None of that ever got the depth of black as this product did right out the gate.

I wash the car maybe 2 or 3 times a month depending on weather and available time. I've got a more camera-like camera, so I guess I'll take a pic in the daylight after each time I wash it. I'll add to this post a coupla times a month with a series of pics in chronological order, adding the latest to the re-posted series. That'll allow someone to scroll through and slight changes should be a little more obvious. I'll take the pictures at about the same time of day and in my normal parking spot, therefore attempting to be consistent. I think that's about as arts & crafts as I'm gonna be able to get on this.

I got other car care stuff in the pipeline, so if there's interest in that type of topic here in the forum, I'll try to add other products and post "impressions" as I'm able.

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