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Originally Posted by BMW-x5-48is View Post
yes resonator was cut out (removed) & a stainless steel h-pipe with straight connector in middle (not arched) was added in the resonator's place - that was the only work that was done.. 3hrs labor.. $430 or something like that the shop charged.. Torque is almost identical - i cant feel a substantial difference - and this maybe because I feel like the HP went up by a bit.. I feel if I floor the car it breathes so much easier - exhaust gases flow out easier & guts down the line faster... The RPMs go up to 5,500 alot faster it feels.. it picks up speed a bit faster then before... maybe its just a feeling but it seems to be true.. i felt maybe before I had a little extra tap (torque) power in lower level rpm - but its almost unnoticeable (unless maybe your towing or something).. before it felt like it had a little more ummppp in lower RPM - a little more pull - but now it revs faster... with the H pipe I feel there is increase in HP... so i guess it evens it out??? --- maybe torque fell by a very very very small margin - but HP def increased by a noticeably margin... thats my feeling atleast... would have to dyno it to be 100% sure but this is what I feel driving the car for the past week....
You going to Bimmerfest? If so, we can record yours and mine with the same cam and at least get a better comparison.
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