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Originally Posted by newX3user View Post

I am trying to replace my intake boot, but the hose clamp at the very end (where the boot connects to the engine) is impossible to reach. The part of the clamp that I need to access to loosen it is underneath the intake. I can feel it if I wrap my hand under it, but I cannot reach it with any of my tools.

I have checked into flexible screwdrivers, but the comments mostly stated that they do not have enough torque to loosen a clamp screw.

Somebody suggested that I use dishwashing detergent to turn the clamp around.

I am thinking of buying a dremel and cutting the clamp.

Has any of you experienced this? What do you suggest?
I did my intake boot about a year and a half ago an was lucky enough to have found the screw for the clamp exactly in a position where I could reach it. I had read where people spent a couple of hours trying to contort themselves like Houdini to get at the screw. I was all ready to cut it off if mine was inaccessible. I'd use a dremel tool to cut the clamp being very careful not to cut all the way through the rubber.
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