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Yes I have wood . And a 4 point steering wheel. I have the summer package.

X5 2001 BMW maintenance

190,000 water pump & hoses

201500. Oil change, tire rotation

205,000 AC temp control module used replacement

216500. 5-11-2010 New tires and rims.

5-12-2010 aliginment and rebalance tires

218800. 6-29-10 Oil changed smog, radiator overflow tank

221330. 9-08-10 tires cross rotated and shim for rims put on. LTR to RTF LTF to RTR

225251. 12-14-2010 oil change

03-22-2011 oil change

237183. 06-27-2011
oil change and filter
Spark Plugs
Tires cross rotated RTF to RTR and RTR to LTR and LTR to LTF and LTF to RTF

243546 12-23-2011
Oil change and filter
Tires cross rotated LTF to RTR and RTR to LTF and LTR to RTF and LTF to RTR

248975 04-27-2012
Oil change and filter
Tire pressure. 43.5 summer towing.

Need-O2 sensor. Bank 2. Sensor 2
At this years smog 2012
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