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Originally Posted by Mentat View Post
I've just bought last week a BMW X6M production 11.2011, full options + some Hamann extras.

I'm puzzled...
I own also a Jaguar XKR (510 PS) and a Land Rover SC (510 PS)...

The thing is that in Jaguar and even LR the acceleration is much more brutal for the neck and by comparison X6 seems underpowered until you put the pedal to the metal.

Is there a problem with my car?
Both the Jaguar and the Land Rover are supercharged, which means absolutely all the engine horsepower and torgue (for particular RPM the engine is currently running at) are available immediately. X6M is turbocharged, which means it needs a bit of time to build up the boost from the moment you floor it to the moment your turbos start working. Welcome to turbo lag!

Another incredibly annoying issue I noticed with my X5M (which is mostly identical to your X6M) is that BMW tuned both the throttle maps and the transmission shift points for maximum fuel economy, so the car will ignore light jabs on the gas pedal for the most part. Obviously when you stand on it, it will finally react.

My solution to this problem was twofold - I ended up driving with "M" mode on all the time (throttle becomes more responsive) and I also got a tune from Velos which made the throttle a little more responsive still. Transmission still sucks - it always tries to run the engine at the lowest possible RPM, so driving over 35Mph always results in 6th gear being selected. The "Sport" mode of the transmission is useless for anything but street races since it mostly keeps the engine in the 4K+ RPM range.
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