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I am telling you, this thing is going to be a flop. Just like the 5-series version was. Plus an M version??? Why? BMW has really lost their way. They have become the new AMG by throwing M badges on anyhting that moves. How about the guys at BMW M spending more time tuning the exhaust note of the M5 instead of producing an M version of every single model BMW sells? That way, the people who drop $100,000 on an M car don't have to hear a simulated exhaust note through the stereo speakers.

Oh yeah, and that same M5 just came in last place in a Car and Driver comparo with the S6 (not even RS6) and AMG e63. What is most dissappointing about it was that the M5 got beat out in the chassis department by the Merc. The Merc! What the hell is going on these days?
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