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Gave some love to a neglected X5

Bought a Black X5, and I felt it was neglected.

After purchasing the wheels - tires from Jurrian (ModBargains), and the fenders from BMW of Newton, decided to give some love back to my Sapphire Black 2010 X5, that was used by the original owner as a point A to B vehicule.

Started by unmounting the wheels to prep and paint the calipers black (no powder coating, since I plan to change them to X5M takeoffs), that was last Saturday.

On Sunday the 23rd, prepped the paint to a 3-step Menzerna compound + paint sealant.
The Orange and White pad came out black on some areas. I suspect heavy oxidation.

This weekend, cleaned it up once more for the 2nd coat of sealant.

So bad that I didn't have and aggressive enough pad (only had Lake Country Orange), still has some deeper marks, next spring !

It was very dark, cloudy outside and about to rain, so decided to stick to that, no inner fender cleaning.
I've also lacked some Black Wow (you can see some wax on the plastic trims).
Maybe next weekend !

For a guy who had done this 2 times, it's not too bad.

Open to expert advise
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