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Originally Posted by LeMansX5 View Post
Depends on how much coverage you want, it can take from 3 to 6 hours. Also depends on how many people work on your car simultaneously. If there is just one guy, then it can be up to 6 hours for front and sides.

When I did PCD, I was reviewing installers and making appointments 2 weeks before.

You have seen the threads about damage the paint takes especially on X5/X6 M without clear bra. It gets worse when it starts to rain on your return drive.

You will be done by 2 pm on the day of PCD.

The link below is for installer in Greenville who does both Xpel and 3M Ventureshield. I have used both products.
PPF | Paint Protection Film | 3Mô Scotchgard Paint Protection Film | Extreme Colors
This is golden advise. Do not return before doing this or be prepared to look at a sand blasted brand new car as you park in your garage.
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