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New Tire, FTM warning?

I had to replace the driver's side front tire due to a small cut in the sidewall. The original 4 tires were a year old, about 10K miles, michelin primacy mxv4. I had one tire replaced with the same Michelin MXV4 primacy. The old tires had 9/32 in of tread left (the tires are 11/32 in tread new). The tire place said it was okay to change if tires had 2/32 in or less variance, and it wouldn't affect the AWD or anything like that.

Well so far I've had two Flat Tire Monitor warnings come up, I've checked the pressures and everything is good there. The tire place told me it's probably due to the variance in tread, and that there's not much to be done. They said maybe I can play around with the pressures in the front left new tire, but besides that no other advice.

For those of you who don't know, FTM is the older way to monitor tires and works by detecting rotational differences in the angular momentum of the tires. If one tire is rotating differently than the others, a warning comes up. So far, it's only come up on long trips and I'm hoping it will just go away with time as the front left tire wears a bit.

Is there anything else I can do to stop the FTM from going off? I haven't played with the pressures yet... the variance is only 2/32 in from the new to old tire.
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