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Hi Jordo, long time.

I am going to presume that your car starts fine every time. If so, your problem is at the alternator. I am not sure you will be able to get away with a simple voltage regulator fix. You might be in for an ALT. More so if you had shit leaking on it. From experience, if you had a coolant leak, or any oil leak onto the alt, it gets cooked on the coils and fries them. Take that sucker out and see if you can get someone local to bench test the regulator and the coils. If you just want to buy one, I suggest stay away from reman units. They always die right after the shitty warranty period, and cost around half of a brand new unit.

If you want to buy new, contact this guy. Tell him you are from Xoutpost, <-this is important. His prices can't be beat. He likes honoring "clubs".

Craig Hacker
Fixed Operations Director
BMW of Bloomfield
Direct 973-780-9551
[email protected]
BMW NJ dealer in Bloomfield New Jersey selling new BMWs, used BMWs in Essex county, north Jersey area
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