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Okay I have an update,

SlickGT1 I have tried to do the voltage test as by using the method in your signature link, I could not do the test as every time I start the car I get the fail safe message.

I did connect my battery/ alternator tester to the car while running and I got 14.2V, I might try your method again when my car is cold so I can get a better reading.

I also dropped the tranny sump and did a service,and including new oil and filter, 4L of oil came out and 6L went back in so it was low. The power steering like noise is also still there.

I am still getting the fail safe message when the car is warm, the old oil was very black but did not smell burnt, it was the same as any trans that I have serviced over the years.

Funny thing is when I drive the car the warning light goes away every now and again although the trans fail safe message remains on and I am stuck in third gear.

The trans actually shifts better now with new oil,

Anyone got any ideas? I think I might be up for a tranny :-(
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