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Originally Posted by motordavid View Post
Not to dampen your or the Board's enthusiasm, but I think one has to be a Premium Member to hump stuff/services here and on the cross posts...
GL, mD
Thanks MD but so we are clear, the person doing the coding is not us directly, this is someone coming from upstate NY and for it to be worth it for him and affordable for us....we are spreading the word to get as many people as possible for that day...most coders charge $40 per module which means to get the items done as described on the list are usually about $120 or more.most of us are always down for a car meet but this would make it just that much worth it.

In regards to the car club page. Is not a forum for discussions or anything. If is against forum rules, we apologize in advance an at request of any moderator we can remove the link.


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