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Originally Posted by jgold47 View Post
For some reason search isnt working so i cant seem to find any threads on this. Ton of info on retrofitting an upgraded rearview mirror (dimming and/or compass) for other models. Does anyone know if the e53 comes pre-wired (IE power for the EC) regardless of whats currently installed? I currently have a no nothing mirror and want to retrofit in my UGDO/Dimmer I pulled out of my e46 before I sold it. I dont want to pull everything apart to find out I have to re-do the harness to make it work, I will wait till the spring.

thanks in advance.
I was able to use a power dimming mirror from my E39 in my Mother-in-law's 2001 3.0 X5. She does not have Premium but does have sport and CWP.

The mirror is easy to R/R. Take a shot to see if you get lucky.
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