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It is the double joint on my X5 4.4 that is causing this problem as Weasel described... easy, hard, easy hard, and occasional so tight, the wheel will not return to center in turns....

I found a thread on the 5 series where a guy just doused the joint in WD40 and that made his problem go away.

I tried it and it worked.

With the V8 in the way, it was very tricky and messy, I had to use penetrating spray with the jet stream, and just aimed for the joint and used about 1/4 can, then rotated the wheel (while the front was jacked up), sprayed more, again and again until I had a mess in the driveway.

I think the joint is so close to the exhaust heat, the lubrication dries out, and makes the steering ujoint double joint coupler bind, stick, etc...
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