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Gregory891: I live in Sweden.
Insurance is high but I think it is worth it.
Road tax - The tax is actually not a big issue, for some reason the tax för the 35D is higher...
Monthly payment - Will be paying cash so even though there is a finance cost of some sort I choose to ignore it...
Fuel - Yup this will be a killer but I hope that the ride makes up for the extra cost?
Road tax and pollution - Dont know to be honest.
Annual servicing - Dont know will look it up tomorrow when BMW opens.
Depreciation is the biggest item and is really unknown since they seem to be pretty hard to sell here in Sweden but I think I can live with that. (at least that how if feels right now...)
Tires - As long as they dont wear them out faster than a regular X5 I think its ok.

Rez: Thats good news regarding the tires and maintenance. If I buy it I will get an extended warranty. I agree that repairs could be a major headache since the parts probably are really expensive.

Thanks for your input. Appreciate all the info that I can get.
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