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Can Anyone give a detailing for dummies??

So I have been taking care of my cars for years progressing from washing to clay bar and cleaner wax.

Then i progressed to polish but dont really know how to use it right

I have played around with different wax's (cleaner, carnuba, and quick detail etc) but I dont really know what i am doing

To be honest all of these threads are very confusing. So many different product names for I am guessing the same (or similar effect).

I am very interested in finding out what things like Iron cut are or how to properly "seal".

Please direct me If i missed the simple break down for detailing.

I am very interested in Adam's products, Zymol, etc but they all are so vaguely described.

Right now I wash, lube/claybar, then wax. It comes out great (feeling) but havent had luck or the balls to try to correct swirl marks, or marring.

I now have an 06 sapphire black 4.8IS. The paint is beautiful, the previous owner did something right, I want to take the best care I can of it without getting ridiculously spending.

A simple break down of prep, correction, etc and recommended products would be greatly appreciated... maybe even help drive some sales for detailer domain?

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